Koko enjoys reading books by Gary Zukav, Brooke Medicine Eagle and Don Miguel Ruiz. Nancy Whitney-Reiter's book, Unplugged, came into her life at the perfect time. Since becoming an author, Koko enjoys reading creative works by her fellow independent authors.


The late Christian author, Betty Malz wrote many books about her near-death experience. She sent Koko every book she ever wrote, along with encouragement to live Life to the fullest.



"It IS what it IS!" When you can't do anything about your situation, try to find some humor in it. Laughter can carry you through many things.

We do not remember the days...
We remember the moments.
​Author Koko Nervelli's writing style has been described as "Sweet Southern Charm with a Quirky Sense of Humor." Her characters are normal people who encounter abnormal circumstances and try to wiggle their way out of trouble with the help of their friends. Each of them will become a part of your family. (Heck, they might even be your family…Just saying...) If you like stories from the heart and mysteries with just a little BOO, then these pert-near squeaky clean books are for you!

She offers a variety of mysteries, down home tales, and heart warming Life Lessons. Click on the BOOKS tab at the top of this form to find a book or two that will interest you. Readers LOVE the LARGER PRINT that makes her paperbacks easier to read!

​Koko's goal is to inspire you, entertain you, and make you smile. No matter what genre she chooses, she continues to write from the heart. Her blunt honesty has touched the lives of many readers.

She hopes that you will be the next one to receive "blessings from all her words" (precious advice given to Koko from Author Jolina Petersheim.) 

Thank you, dear reader, for your interest in Koko Nervelli Books. As always, your reviews are greatly appreciated!