At Home Series:​  (Life Lessons from the Heart)

SUSPENDED follows a woman's journey through the houses where she lived, the obstacles she overcame, and the lessons she learned. It stirred different emotions in different readers. Many readers related to the subject of childhood abuse, thanking Koko for her blunt honesty. They said that they no longer felt alone. Others shared their feelings about moving to different places and trying to make each place feel like home. Some were fascinated by the near-death experience and said they are no longer afraid of death. See how these stories will affect you and what lessons you will learn.

THE LIE continue's Koko's journey as she uncovers a dark family secret. When she read her own words in SUSPENDED, she had a hunch that there was more to the story than she knew. She began an ancestry research that had her tripping over the twisted branches in her family tree. Is your past as solid as a rock, or is it an illusion? A great book for those who question their past!

TRUTH BEYOND THE LIE shows the reader how Koko dealt with her new truth. Coming to terms with things you cannot control is a very difficult task, but it must be done if one is to find stability in their lives. Koko shares her secrets...in more ways than one.

Metaphysical Murder Mysteries:

(Pert-near squeaky clean paranormals for the squeamish reader)

THREE SQUARED made it to #6 in the ratings! (Thanks, everyone!) The story introduces you to Madame Melancholy Marie (simply known as "Mel" to her friends). She is a sweet, young psychic and mathematical genius who is driven out of New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina. After moving to the Atlantic coast, Mel meets a client who needs help in solving the deaths of her husband and son. As Mel works to help the woman, she uncovers a plot by the evil forces to destroy the entire psychic community. She and her friends each use their special talents to fight the mighty powers. It is a "David vs. Goliath" story with twists and turns along the way.

MYSTIC BIRTH begins with the birth of Mel's daughter. Her joy soon turns to fear when those nasty, evil forces interfere in her peaceful life. Once again, her friends rush to her side and help her in her struggles. Does she live happily ever after? You won't know until the end of the book.

​GUILT OF THE UNDEAD continues to follow your favorite characters in this series, but this time the gang tries to help a young woman who is suffering to overcome the guilt she feels regarding a drunk driving accident. It is a lesson in forgiveness. Have you forgiven yourself for things that have happened in your life? If not, this book is for you.

Down Home Series:

(For those who want to return to a simpler time)

BEANS AND GREENS contains short stories that will warm your heart, make you giggle, and return you to a simpler place and time. Each story centers around foods and traditions from the southeastern United States, but these tales have touched people all around the world. This is a book that you can pick up when you have the time...and lay down when you are busy. If you've ever hiked the AT, wondered what life is like for a survivalist, or experienced the joy of paying it forward, then these stories are for you.

NANA IN A BOX makes a nice gift for a child (ages 5-10). It was written with grandparents in mind...those who cannot be involved in their grandchildren's lives as much as they wish. Little Logan is confused when her Nana mails her an empty box for her birthday until she discovers that the box has a magical surprise.

LAID TO REST introduces you to Marty Shafer. He is frustrated by his hectic job as an emergency room doctor in Tampa, Florida. Like most of us, he longs for a slower pace, so he moves to Lenoir, North Carolina and becomes a funeral director. The services for a small child causes him to question himself. Can he can handle the intimacy of a small town? He confides in the local pastor and together, they try to figure out why the little girl haunts Marty's dreams. The book takes an honest look at spiritual beliefs, friendships, and love.

SOUTHERN SHORTS is the book y'all have been begging for since you read BEANS AND GREENS. Short simple stories that will make you smile are now available to you in paperback and eBook format. This one is filled with interesting characters and stories that will touch your heart. As always, large print makes it easy to read.

WHEN YOU HAVE NO CHOICE: Stories for Caregivers

Follow eight caregivers as they deal with unexpected changes and learn Life Lessons while trying to find a "new normal." IF you have never experienced this life-changing event, it is hoped that you will develop a better understanding. Do not judge! You don't know the HALF of it. For those who have lived it, empathy is expressed in hopes you may be able to move forward with your life. Concentrate on YOU without guilt, because you did your best. For those in the midst of it, the stories in this book will help you to see that you are not alone. Being a caregiver is like belonging to a club...a club you never asked to join...but one that holds a lot of love for the reluctant members.

(In honor of first responders everywhere, especially volunteer firefighters)

FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN (GENERATIONS) combines hundreds of interviews and personal experiences into one cohesive, fictional tale about Brandon, his family and friends. While it respects first responders worldwide, it focuses on firefighters who serve and protect rural areas. VOLUNTEERS...who risk life and limb for their neighbors...all for no money and no benefits. A portion of the proceeds will ALWAYS help firefighters and/or fire victims. As of 2017, a donation was made to Dolly Parton's "My People" fund to help those in the Gatlinburg, TN area who lost everything. 

NON FICTION. Self Help. Inspirational. 

HOPE SUCKS! Don't let the title fool you! What happens when the answer to your prayer is "NO?" Where do you go from there? Readers posed this question to Koko after reading WHEN YOU HAVE NO CHOICE. They were hoping to find suggestions on how to deal with caregiving. In this book, Koko addresses this issue with blunt honesty. She uses personal examples where she learned to accept that things in Life happen for a reason (even if the reason is beyond our understanding).

POETRY. Back in time...in rhyme.

WHERE THE CREEK TRICKLES (Verses of my Child Song):​ Thank you, readers! This book shot to #35 on Amazon in its category!

Koko shares some very personal childhood memories with her readers. The strongest inspiration (or what she calls THE VOICES) came to her while on the Blue Ridge Parkway. She describes the experience as "listening to her elders speak." The book is filled with Native American influence. It also explores subjects such as childhood abuse, simple pleasures...and takes the reader into the mind of an older person looking back in reflection. Readers applaud her look at mental illness. Military parents will identify with the feelings of watching a loved one make life-changing decisions. For those of you dealing with dementia, read "The Criminals" for a sobering look at the subject.

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